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About Us

ShopADK.com helps bring the Adirondack Park to you even when you can't be there. And like the park I think of it as a blend of humanity and nature. 
The book/journal titled "The Adirondacks" by Thomas Morris Longstreth circa 1917 sums up very well the benefits of finding balance between our modern world and life in the north woods. 

"We were now traveling through the great Whitney Preserve. Deer herded on the shores of the little ponds. They did not always bother to run away. Loons swam a little to one side and went on fishing. We were so tuned down to the natural key that we vibrated with pleasure to the commonest things. Could the woods have performed a greater service? By shedding starch and five-course meals and the chauffeur, one finds the luxury of flannel shirts and the taste of food and the mastery of the wheel. Think, then, what discoveries lie in wait for the man who can keep the best of each variety of life. It is the middle course that makes the slipperiest riding. Extremes are easy. It is easy to succumb to the lazy life of the log cabin or to the schedules of citizen routine. In one sphere you do not think at all; in the other your thinking is done for you; the result of either is listlessness. But to carry your mental stimulants to the woods or to bring your woods health and simplicities to town is to improve upon content. It is to create a new world for most of us."

I hope you enjoy ShopADK.com and find something you like. Always feel free to share your thoughts about the site or ways we can improve. 



-Founder of Shop ADK