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Adirondack Firewood Bottle Opener

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Crack open a cold one with this bottle opener made of Adirondack hardwood. 

We hand make these bottle openers in the Adirondacks. The main body is hardwood with one end sanded smooth for a handle. The other end is left just as it came off the splitting block. The whole things is sealed with linseed oil to withstand the elements, though it is best stored indoors. 

Two nails epoxied in place carefully pry off the bottle cap and leave it unbent, which is great for crafting or collecting. A magnet on the bottom keeps the bottle cap from escaping and the paracord strap makes for easy hanging. 

The finishing touch is applied with a branding iron reading "ADIRONDACKS".


Caution! In order to give this bottle opener its rustic firewood look part of it is unfinished. This means splinters are a very real possibility when handling the bottle opener. Every effort has been made to remove loose pieces of wood and to sand and seal the handle to prevent injury. Children should not use the bottle opener without adult supervision. Shop ADK assumes no responsibility for any injury caused when using the bottle opener.